The world is under a lot of change and uncertainty right now. Music and the Arts have always been a source of joy, happiness, and bringing people together. Yet, social distancing has made that a challenge for artists around the world. What can we do?

The good news is, We CAN still learn music. We need music in our hearts now more than ever! I am continuing to teach voice and piano lessons, according to families’ comfort levels. If you still want an in-home lesson like I normally do, I will come to your home with a face mask and hand sanitizer, and am more than happy to wash my hands upon entering your home.

If you prefer an online lesson, I have been perfecting my computer skills on both Zoom and Skype! I am happy to do a lesson online, and have set up a little in-home studio with my laptop on the piano.

I am excited to be here for you, to continue to bring music into your life. Now more than ever, we need the beauty and joy of music!



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